SVG Cattle Breeding Service


Artificial Insemination Service

The rate we charge depends on the size of the job and whether or not we provide the semen for the project. 

Sire Selection

SVG would be glad to visit your herd and objectively evaluate its utility as well as learn more about your marketing plan, feed resources and management situation. Then we can best help you select a bull that will keep your cow herd on track, while still giving you a more valuable calf to market.

Estrus Synchronization Program Planning

SVG has the knowledge and experience to match the best synchronization program for your unique A.I. project. Whether your goal is maximum conception rate or minimum labor and expense, we can suggest the best protocol for you.
We provide instructional calendars to each client, outlining each task that needs to be completed along with the proper dates and times to perform them in order for the project to be successful.
We realize that at times the amount of labor required to complete a synchronization and breeding project can seem overwhelming. If you do not have the time or labor resources please let us know and we will help you complete the job.